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 On June 2016 14-16, jointly organized by the China Automobile Industry Association, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Shanghai Feng Wei Exhibition Service Co. Ltd. Auto Cne2016 Chinese international city of new energy vehicle operation development forum and exhibition in Shanghai New International Expo Center, the end of the three day of the exhibition, the exhibition with great potential, full of praise, a fall the curtain, become one of the most exciting events of the year.


   For the rapid development of new energy automotive industry to actively cooperate with the international green, to meet the global trend, as Asia's most influential new energy automotive industry event, will lead the new style of energy-saving and new energy vehicle market. The exhibition on an unprecedented scale, the exhibition area of 30000 square meters, a total of from China, Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden, the United States, Australia, Japan, Turkey 11 countries 183 exhibitors to bring their new debut, the scene of the exhibition a total of 153 units of vehicles. The total number of three days of the audience reached 35231 people, exhibits range covers new energy vehicles, power driven systems, charging facilities, new energy automotive parts, etc.. The audience includes the source area except Tibet provinces on behalf of Chinese, regional and international visitors from Germany, the United States, Italy, Japan, France, South Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan, Turkey, Chinese area Chinese Britain, Belgium, Ireland, Thailand, Mongolia and other countries and regions 1645. According to the analysis of the questionnaire on site, 94% of the exhibitors of the exhibitors were satisfied or very satisfied with that to achieve the desired results, a follow-up contact value, also gain considerable orders. 89% of the audience that a worthwhile trip, see interest models and related products are very fruitful exchanges and exhibitions, or for the next purchase and travel plans ready.

The organizers pay more attention to media propaganda work, in order to improve the power of influence and call the exhibition in the industry and society, the exhibition organizers and actively seek professional media and public media cooperation, including CCTV, Beijing TV, Xinhua news agency, PR Newswire, economic daily, science news, Chinese Chinese, China Automotive News Daily, China traffic Automotive News, modern logistics, commercial vehicle magazine, the transport manager world, Shanghai traffic radio, NetEase, Sohu, Tencent, Sina motor car car,,, Chinese network, people network, Chinese economic network, have net, HC, Guevara life network, Youku, potatoes, LETV etc.; industry portals mainly include: car home, car net, Pacific automotive network, the first electric net 80 the mass media industry, a total of 100 Foreign media to visit the site reports, strong publicity, hundreds of articles published manuscripts, through magazines and newspapers, network, video and other communication channels to show a full range, multi angle coverage, and extensive use of micro-blog, WeChat and other social and mobile media, and through a variety of ways, and the road's broadcast bus body advertising so, extensive continuous reports and publicity of exhibitors and products in the industry and society, will show the maximum effect.


   Active participation in the world's car manufacturers, Chinese and foreign media reporters and audience friends, "Auto Cne Chinese international city of New Energy Vehicles Exhibition" will do better and better, so as to promote the economic development and the spread of car civilization, an excellent exhibition highlight the strength of China platform.

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