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In June 14th, Cne 2016Auto Shanghai New Energy Vehicles Exhibition held in Shanghai New International Expo center. SAIC, Roewe e550 and Roewe E50 and Roewe E950 and the whole system of new energy vehicles exhibition, the first Internet new energy Che Rongwei eRX5 also appeared again after following the Beijing auto show. Shanghai new energy automotive industry summit also held at the same day at the show.


The central and local subsidies this year fall significantly, but the new energy vehicle market redubujian. Especially in the country after the gradual fall of the subsidy policy in April and May, the new energy vehicle sales increased by 149% and 141%, the growth rate is rapid. Despite the overall market trend for the better, but consumers are still concerned about the new energy vehicle safety, battery decay and other issues. From the new energy automotive industry experts on the new energy industry development status and problems of their own solutions.

Face problems and challenges, to avoid bad money drives out good money"


With the energy and environmental problems have become increasingly prominent, the development of new energy vehicles has been referred to an unprecedented height. From the general secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the development of new energy vehicles is the only way which must be passed "China's power of the car from the car towards the country, to the" Sino US joint statement on climate change "promulgated, the development of new energy vehicles has become the consensus of the international community and the government China. With the limit line purchase, film licensing Yaohao policy landing in the city more and more, consumers purchase and use of traditional fuel vehicles increasing pressure on the market, increasing the demand for new energy vehicles.


Although sales increased gradually, consumers of new energy vehicles still exist, there are many problems in the sustainable development of the industry, such as low speed electric vehicles still occupy 70% of the market share of new energy vehicles are difficult to break; yet the security problem of new energy vehicles are generally resolved; range anxiety and quality concerns brought to alleviate the battery attenuation. To solve these problems, put forward the general manager, deputy director of SAIC Dresdner company technology center Zhu Jun in the sea of new energy automotive industry summit, to strengthen the threshold of new energy vehicles to ensure safe access, battery and electric safety; whole life cycle on the life of battery, so that consumers lifelong "heart"; introduction of electric power consumption per hundred kilometers access conditions avoid, "bad money drives out good money", in order to take the new energy vehicles on the road of sustainable development.

With the core technology to break through the bottleneck of development, improve the product layout rich green travel choices

In the battery safety, battery attenuation, power consumption per hundred kilometers, have car prices found a solution, and through the improvement of the product layout, enrich the consumer green way to travel.

With the new energy advanced core technology and adhere to sustainable development, not only SAIC launched the urban boutique car Roewe E50, plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Roewe e550, to meet consumer demand for daily travel, also launched the first new energy Chinese plug-in hybrid car Roewe E950, to break the status quo China new energy market senior car, a new power to change the traditional B class car market pattern. In addition, the world's first Internet production of new energy vehicles, SAIC is also the first new energy SUV Roewe eRX5 will also be launched in front of the public, it also caused the second appearance of live show large audience of onlookers.

Core technology, SAIC plug-in hybrid new energy vehicles equipped with EDU smart electric drive unit, taking into account the high performance and low energy consumption, system efficiency as high as 95%. Roewe E950 as an example, the maximum torque of 687N - m, comprehensive mileage of 600 kilometers, 100 kilometers fuel consumption as low as 1.7L, not only solve the problem but also do range anxiety, friendly to environment.


For battery safety and battery attenuation, SAIC new energy automotive battery not only through the United States UL2580 safety certification, also reached the highest level of IP67 waterproof and dustproof civil protection grade, can not only open charging in the rain, can easily through the water surface. In addition, due to the use of the world's leading BMS battery management system, the use of new energy vehicles in the cold or high temperature and high humidity and other extreme environments will not be significantly attenuated. In this regard, the first commitment to 5 years or 100 thousand kilometers of battery attenuation of less than 8, 20% years or 120 thousand kilometers of battery decay is less than 30%, to maximize the elimination of consumer concerns about the safety of the battery and battery attenuation.

Thanks to the safe and reliable quality, the Roewe e550 has been widely recognized by the market, access to new energy intermediate car sales of "King" title 4 times, this year, May sales reached 2110 vehicles and 2198, will continue to lead the compact plug-in hybrid market. With the Roewe E950 plug in hybrid medium market emerge, the dominance of Roewe automobile in the new energy market will be strengthened. At present, Roewe e550 and Roewe E950 are the only two meet the conditions can get additional subsidies in Shanghai, 24 thousand yuan of local subsidies models, deduct 54 thousand national and local subsidies, get prices were as low as 176 thousand and 800 yuan and 219 thousand and 900 yuan, can enjoy a free Shanghai brand, free purchase tax, travel tax and other preferential exemption.


With the continuous improvement of technology and the maturity of the market, SAIC and other car manufacturers are looking for a better solution for the benign development of new energy vehicles, problems encountered in the development of new energy vehicles are gradually resolved, consumers will also be able to more high-quality new energy vehicles in a preferred choice, realize green travel.

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