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In June 14th, Auto Cne2016 Chinese (Shanghai) international city of new energy automobile exhibition kicked off, GAC trumpchi with pure electric concept car EV Coupe GS4 EV, pure electric and plug-in GA5 PHEV models debut, and in Shanghai the first "oil electric intelligent drive new energy car" GA3S PHEV. It is reported that in the enjoyment of the state of local subsidies and tax relief after the purchase, PHEV GA3S will become the one hundred thousand level of super cost-effective new energy vehicles.

From left to right: GAC trumpchi Car Sales Co. Ltd. Product Planning Director Chen Wan, Shanghai new energy automobile promotion office director Liu Jianhua, general manager of Chuan Qi car sales Co., Xiao Yong, Shanghai motor vehicle inspection center chief engineer Wang Yong



GA3S PHEV comprehensive application of Guangzhou core power technology "Ti POWER", for the first time with the new second generation of new energy powertrain, leading Atkinson 1.5 ATK engine and G-MC dynamic coupling system, oil and electricity dual energy free, low fuel consumption per hundred kilometers to 1.4L, the total mileage of over 600km, the performance of good vehicle performance.

Zhi Qing oil and electricity dual energy technology, 1.5ATK engine +GMC motor coupling system

Trumpchi GA3SPHEV advanced technology power. 1.5 ATK engine application industry-leading intelligent Atkinson cycle technology, control technology patent application of GCCS combustion, reduce fuel consumption by 15%, with variable flow pump system has the power to lead technology, low consumption and high efficiency, mute three advantages characteristics.

Trumpchi independent R & D and manufacturing power coupling system G-MC (GAC Mechatronic Coupling), integrated generator, drive motor and clutch in one, to achieve a pure electric, increasing and mixed driving mode. 1.5 ATK Atkinson engine and G-MC dynamic coupling system of power combination, to achieve high economy, high mileage, fuel consumption per hundred kilometers low to 1.4L, 100 kilometers acceleration only 8.9 seconds. Intelligent switch engine and motor, to achieve more than 600km mileage, to ensure that the user mileage.

GA3S PHEV by high-energy batteries, three yuan more than the lithium battery capacity up to 13kwh, waterproof and dustproof sealing reached the world top level IP67, with high reliability of BMS system - independent development and design, improve the utilization rate of batteries. Compared with the lithium iron phosphate battery using Roewe e550, BYD Qin, three yuan more than the high energy lithium battery capacity not only safe, because the application of a new type of lightweight shell material, can effectively improve the vehicle mileage.

In addition, GA3SPHEV extended family trumpchi GAC safety vehicle collision energy absorption control technology, using GAC ultra high strength safety body, high strength and super high strength steel ratio as high as 53.3%, with front and rear beams, effectively protect the occupants safe.

One hundred thousand worth of new energy vehicles, GA3S PHEV free travel

Trumpchi GA3SPHEV not only has a large number of independent core technology, and equipped with intelligent trumpchi remote control, keyless entry and other high-tech configuration, luxury and technology coexist. Car use of environmentally friendly low VOC materials, the lowest volatile only for the national standard 1/55, and then with the carbon fiber texture of the interior, PHEV GA3S comfort from the inside out. Due to the use of GAEI to maximize space machine layout design concept, GA3S PHEV rear passenger space reached 945mm, while the battery system is arranged on the floor, volume GA3S PHEV 400L to boot a conventional car, B car standards of space travel to the A-class car wheelbase, ten obvious advantages. At the same level rare four wheel independent suspension, has the superior track, the ability to grasp the tire and good comfort, handling stability.

It is understood that the trumpchi GA3S PHEV will be in the second half of 2016 officially launched the market, countries can enjoy 30 thousand yuan subsidies, where up to 30 thousand (the local subsidy standards are different), the purchase tax exemption over 10 thousand yuan. In addition, trumpchi also provides 3 years or 100 thousand km warranty for GA3S PHEV vehicle, battery warranty for 8 years or 150 thousand kilometers, car car multiple worry.

The core technology breakthrough, the force of the industry leader

The development of new energy vehicles is a national strategy, priority among priorities is the development of GAC trumpchi in recent years. GAC trumpchi always adhere to the priority to master the core technology, the first major breakthrough in the field of electromechanical coupling system, a battery management system, build industry leading advantage.

In the development of new energy and ideas, in recent years, GAC trumpchi to master the core technology for the development of the industry based on the implementation of the "153" new energy development strategy, grasp the integrated technology and fuel vehicle, motor control system integration, battery management, battery battery system etc. the five core technology, has formed a motor, batteries, the controller three manufacturing capabilities, the future will form a hybrid, increasing and pure electric 3 series of products.

At present, through the process optimization and equipment improvement, trumpchi new energy vehicle production has been achieved with traditional models collinear production cycle achieve similar and conventional models, provide a guarantee for the trumpchi brand new energy automobile mass production.

Core technology breakthroughs in R & D, production costs significantly reduced, which brings more benefits to consumers. Advanced new energy car trumpchi GA5 PHEV safety, has been in the Pearl River Delta region demonstration operation for 2 years, UBER excellent step first to purchase 500 vehicles and put into operation in Guangzhou in December last year, settled in Shanghai, is also a popular demand, orders.

Trumpchi GA3S PHEV first, clear trumpchi new energy products significantly accelerated layout. According to the general manager of the GAC trumpchi Car Sales Co., Xiao Yong revealed that during the period from 2016 to 2017, GS4 EV\PHEV, GA6 PHEV and a variety of A0 pure electric SUV and other new energy vehicles will be listed. The next five years, GAC trumpchi will take the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, the Bohai sea, Yangtze River, Chengdu Chongqing economic circle of five as the basis for the national radiation promotion.

Relying on the Guangzhou Automobile Group "13th Five-Year" strategic rules, adhering to the "build a good car for the family, Let The World Be Full Of Love" concept, the future of GAC trumpchi will build new energy products technology and network promotion system, trumpchi build new energy field advantage and become the industry leader, bring more low carbon and environmental protection car life consumers.

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