With the increasing global energy intensity and the deteriorating ecological environment, the development and application of new energy vehicles has become the focus of the active exploration of automobile industry in various countries. Of course, the development of the new energy automobile industry is inseparable from policy support, especially for China, the orientation of policy is very clear.

The national development and reform commission, the four ministries and commissions such as organize experts to declare for the review of new energy automobile application, and confirm the 28 cities or regional city for the first batch of new energy automobile application. The personage inside course of study thinks, this means that the development of new energy vehicles in China has formally by demonstration "applied" to the "application" transition, relevant statistics show that the new energy vehicle sales in China last year close to 20000, growth of around 40%. Into 2014, favorable policy of all kinds of new energy vehicles has been introduced, new energy automobile sales in a rapid growth in China, xi jinping stressed when Shanghai automotive group investigation, the development of new energy vehicles is the only way for our country from a big car to car power, to strengthen research and development, carefully study the market, with good policy, development to meet the needs of a variety of products, making it a strong growth.

To promote and promote the development of China's new energy vehicles, realizing the dream of China's Auto power, approved by the Shanghai business committee, China association of automobile manufacturers, China clean energy association, the Taiwan vehicle industry trade association, the Hong Kong productivity council, China association of automobile parts, in collaboration with the China automotive technology research center, Shanghai Asia meeting exhibition co., LTD., the China association of automobile manufacturers to undertake jointly, to new cult, "city" as the theme of: Auto cne 2020 6th Shanghai international city new energy vehicles exhibition and operational development BBS will be held in Shanghai new international expo center from August 7 to 9, 2020.

Throughout the country, there are many kinds of new energy auto shows, but the real industry organizations are the linmao fengjiao. Vigorously promote new energy vehicles in the country, society and the public of new energy vehicles there are doubts, as China's auto industry organization responsibility, then we will invite the government related department leaders and industry experts and representatives of enterprises of new energy vehicles current operation and future development to carry on the extensive discussion. We believe that there are a lot of positive national policy, has a strong support of the industry, and with the joint efforts of everyone, the event will be a government to implement a new energy policy promotion of new energy vehicle industry, the public know the good platform to accept the new energy vehicles.

We think to hold the Auto Cne2020 the fifth Shanghai international exhibition city new energy vehicle and operational development BBS "while at the time, to show the enterprise brand, expand enterprise influence and seek market breakthrough, explore the future development, I hope you take this good platform to enhance learning and communication, and take an active part in the show, enterprise value to participate this event, we would like to sincerely invite you to attend Auto Cne2020 the fifth Shanghai international exhibition city new energy vehicle and operational development BBS!

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